About Kids Choice Deni

Kids Choice Deni is a team of highly trained and experienced   educators committed to supporting your child’s learning and development through a nurturing, safe and most of all – fun – environment. We build strong relationships with our kids and their families to strengthen our community.

Kids Choice Deni is a family-owned business, and we have been in the childcare industry for over two decades. Our team is made up of highly trained, passionate and experienced educators expert in different facets of child care service. Our team is committed to creating a nurturing and enjoyable environment for our children. We believe that this is the best environment for children to learn and grow.

Qualifications and Training

We offer a variety of professional development training courses for our educators to enhance their qualifications and competence in the Early Childhood industry. This also increases their confidence as childcare professionals, supporting their ability to serve your children and our organisation.

Childcare Services


At Kids Choice Deni, we understand that juggling the stresses of life with children takes balance. Childcare centres can assist with this balance; allowing you to play your role in parenthood while enjoying other aspects of life. Early learning happens everywhere – at home, in centres, parks and shops. Young children are developing at an extremely fast pace and everything they encounter offers a new learning experience. You need a childcare centre with a safe, nurturing, stimulating environment to help your child develop their potential, supervised by professionals who are well trained in childcare and early childhood learning.

We understand the emotional challenges when deciding to enrol your child in childcare – it is normal for any guardian to feel concerned when parting with their child and entrusting them to others. But we are here to help.

Did you know that by the age of three, 90% of a child’s brain has formed? At this stage, it is important to engage them in activities that satisfy their thirst for knowledge. This is where Kids Choice Deni comes in. As an early learning centre, we provide the ideal combination for the development of your child’s potential.

We consider guardians our core partners in supporting your child’s learning and development. Our supportive and nurturing environment enables them to learn effectively in the centre while giving them the tools and encouragement to continue their learning at home.

Our educators are passionate about creating the nature of the environment that supports each child’s learning and development, helping them realise their full potential in the future.



We plan and base our programs according to your children’s interests, and our goal is to support and improve their learning and development. We have a play-based learning approach which encourages young children to make sense of their world and learn vital foundational skills through exploration, developing and practising language and physical skills and experimenting with new ideas. Children build confidence, express themselves creatively, and develop their sense of self and identity. Besides personal exploration, they also learn co-operation and how to create relationships and engage in a group.

Early Years Learning Framework

The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) is a foundation of principles, practices and outcomes that guide us, the educators, to design a curriculum that supports and enhances your child’s learning until the age of six, when they transition to formal schooling.

EYLF focuses on three basic concepts that characterise children’s lives: Belonging, Being and Becoming. The framework recognises the importance of language, communication, and social and emotional development while focusing on play-based learning.

In addition to applying EYLF in our programs, our educators are approved to deliver a kindergarten programme under the Queensland, Victorian and South Australian Kindergarten Guidelines. It will be provided by our Bachelor-trained Early Childhood Teacher and is designed to help children prepare for school.

Guardian Involvement

Guardians are valuable members of our community, and we encourage their participation and input. There are special days when guardians can participate and engage in our centre for the day, including Mother’s and Father’s Day morning teas, open days, and Christmas parties. We invite our beloved guardians to be with us on these occasions.

What to Pack?

When you first enrol at Kids Choice Deni, we provide you with everything you need to know about starting childcare, including a detailed list of what you may like to bring each day.


Technology is a huge part of our professional and personal lives now. It influences how we work, how we learn, and importantly how we communicate and connect with others. That’s why Kids Choice Deni is working with a new online platform called Storypark that will give parents the opportunity to share what’s happening at home, see what’s happening in the centre, and provide real-time feedback to educators.

Storypark is a secure, private online community. In Storypark educators, parents, and family members work together to respond to children’s learning captured via images,  video, and text.

Deni Facebook

During the day Educators within your child’s classroom, will document your child’s group learning and play on our centre Facebook page. Facebook is an excellent way to share these details with family and friends, or “check in” during your day. Documented learning are all linked to the learning outcomes of the EYLF (Early Year Learning Framework) to help us both. Lets achieve the best for your child, when they learn, laugh and have fun with us!